Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 169: Basilicious!

It's a good thing I resigned from depression yesterday because Little M decided to start picking up on Sweet P's craziness today and it was a fun fun day.

Fortunately, my garden is still well-behaved and brought me a Joyful Moment. For the first time ever, I got to use my very own fresh basil in a recipe. HH's favorite Bolognese sauce. Yumma Yum Yum!

And Baby B just carried on a sweet conversation with me for the last five minutes. Now he's screaming because he wishes he was asleep. But the conversation was very much a Joyful Moment.

But now I need to go give him the Joyful Moment that precious sleep provides!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and good sleep!

1 comment:

Linda said...

A truly joyous day - looks like we really truly really have a home in our future!