Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 173: Sous Chef

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. Thanks to those and going to bed earlier, I'm feeling much better.

Little M has always had an interest in helping in the kitchen. At least, for as long as I can remember. And he's surprisingly good at it. Tonight he was in there helping me again. Cooking the ground beef and onions while I was running around trying to get everything else for our burritos ready. Don't worry, I kept a very close eye on him. I actually wouldn't trust Sweet P with that task because I'm fairly certain she would burn herself on the pan or the stove. But Little M is just a natural in the kitchen.

And having him in there, cooking right alongside me was my Joyful Moment tonight. And a true blessing as it was sort of a busy meal to prepare. It was nice having his happy little smile and cute chatter while we worked.

I'm so grateful to have my own little sous chef who is so cute and cheerful in his assistance. And he does whatever I ask.

Wishing you all personal assistants to provide you with Joyful Moments and delicious meals!

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Linda said...

Today's joy was having our home inspection done by a really good man, one who gave lots of great, useful advice. Roger has always been the one to go on the home inspection but since he's out of the country, I'm the lucky one. And I'm very grateful to have found someone I can trust, especially since I can't get Roger's opinion right now.