Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 171: Gentleman's Club

Don't worry, this post is totally G-rated. But you'll probably think it's an odd one.

Little M has always always always been a mama's boy. Even as a baby he preferred to be held by his mama. Lately, however, I've noticed a camaraderie building between Little M and his daddy. Today I listened and observed as Little M followed HH around trying to help out with various tasks.

One of which involved plucking a zillion baby centipedes out of our hibiscus tree. We think there must have been an egg sack in the new bag of dirt we just put in when we re-potted it. It's nast-o. So, HH was trying to make it less nast-o and Little M was more than interested in his efforts.

When they were finished they proudly brought me their little bowl full of baby centipedes. Then HH debated how to dispose of them finally deciding that flushing them down the toilet would be the most appropriate course of action. Naturally.

Then I overheard the two of them having a fabulous conversation all about Little M peeing on the bugs, putting out fires, and the like.

Maybe I should be embarrassed about this, but that was totally my Joyful Moment. It was just so cute and fun to hear the two of them talking and being complete boys. It's a whole different club. And it was totally my Joyful Moment!

And now some more friends just arrived--another Joyful Moment!

Wishing you all Joyful Moment full of manly man activities!

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Linda said...

Once again you made me chuckle - Ha Ha!

My HH called from England - sweet joy!