Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 168: Consider This My Resignation!

Anyone familiar with "The Great Hudsucker"? It's a weird one. With Tim Robbins and Paul Newman. And a girl who says the line above. It's all about Hula Hoops. No kidding.

Anyway, don't worry, I'm not resigning from this blog. I'm resigning from depression. Or at least, from getting depressed every time Sweet P has an episode. It's just not working out for me.

So, in spite of two such episodes today, I experienced a number of fun Joyful Moments. At least, I had thought of a bunch when I was trying to decide what to post about tonight. But now most of them have left me.

One I do remember is writing HH a love note on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. He started it a few days ago when he left me a note saying, "I love Cheryl". So, this afternoon I replied, "HH is HOT!". And it made me giggle thinking about him discovering it, as well as the missionaries who joined us for dinner tonight.

That was another Joyful Moment. I know you're not supposed to try out new recipes when you have company, but I always do. Tonight I tried out two new recipes. A new Italian bread recipe--turned out delish! And yummy bread always gives me Joyful Moments. And a recipe for grilled pork tenderloin.

I struggled to find one that didn't include any taboo ingredients for Baby B's new diet, so I sort of combined several and added my own zing. Actually, it was really simple. I marinated it in Italian dressing with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, (no parsley or sage, though), and garlic powder. All day. And then we threw it on the grill. That was the part I didn't plan very well. It should have been cooked on direct heat instead of indirect. But fortunately, I had a garden salad, a fruit salad, and the above mentioned bread for everyone to munch on while they waited. And since I was in my room feeding Baby B, they also helped themselves to the corn, pepper, bean relish that was intended as a topping for the tenderloin. That's what happens when you leave men to fend for themselves.

At least HH knew what he was doing at the grill. He's the one who decided to go ahead and increase the heating intensity to finally get those tenderloins fully cooked.

I don't really like pork. But biting into a piece of that was so fantastically yummy! And it was another Joyful Moment.

But, of course, nothing could compare to the Joyful Moment of eating the brownies I baked for dessert.

It's a good thing someone invented food since so many of my Joyful Moments are derived from that!

Wishing you all yummy Joyful Moments!


Melanie said...

Cheryl...I love you!

Nikki said...

You're adorable, Cheryl. Here's to days filled with joy!

Linda said...

My mouth watered more and more as I read your blog - I'll be right over!

My joy today is from multiple experiences of realizing what a great man I married. I was so doggone wise in my selection!