Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 595: Me Did It

This is unrelated to the post, but I just had to share.  This is the ultra-safe way that Baby B likes to eat his meals.  He freaks out and refuses to eat if we try to strap him in.  And since he's a scrawny little guy, I'll do just about anything to get a calorie, or two in him.  Including, put up with this.

Today's Joyful Moment was inventing a recipe all my own for dinner.  Usually, I combine anywhere from  2 to 10 recipes to create something, but tonight, I really didn't have a lot of inspiration.

Or, a lot of time.

I got home from church late because of a meeting and still had no idea what to make.  Then I looked in my fridge and the ideas started rolling in.  So, I started cooking some rice and mincing some garlic and onions (always a good start).  Then the other ingredients just sort of grew out of it from inspiration as I cooked.  And I wound up with something super yummy as a result!

I haven't figured out what to call it because it had a lot of ingredients, but it would be somthing like Chicken Sausage (I think it was sun-dried tomato and asiago cheese) and Arugula Rice, maybe?  With the veggies being the above mentioned garlic and onions, sliced bell peppers (multi-colored), wilted arugula, and potatoes.  Plus some fresh basil and other spices.

Oh, and some grated cheese from my CSA that's kind of like Parmesan sprinkled on top.

Eating it and tasting how yummy my concoction was was my Joyful Moment tonight!

Wishing you all original Joyful Moments!


Meg said...

That sounds divine. You are just a magician in the kitchen... hey that's sorta catchy!

Anyway, my joyful moment came early today when Wyatt spilled his breakfast all over the floor.

Which doesn't sound joyful at all, but it was! I almost wanted to hand the cantaloupe to him again so he would do it all over... but that would be a bit over the top. But I really thought about it because once his food fell, the most adorable little "Uh Oh" popped out of his mouth!

Linda said...

That sounds delicious! Are you going to post it on the recipe blog?

We had a joyful walk up Provo Canyon in perfect weather.

Cheryl said...

Mom and Meg--Yes, it'll be coming in a day or two. I just didn't want to steal Mel's thunder over her prize-winning recipe, so I wanted to wait a few days. But then she went ahead and posted another anyway.

And I wish I could be there to hear him talking! It is the best thing ever!