Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 601: Forget Me Not

Looks like my lesson in hard work paid off.

Catching him out there after dinner was a much needed Joyful Moment for today.  So cute.  So sweet.  And so funny.

Confession:  I've been battling the Big D off and on for the past week, but it's gotten pretty bad over the past two or three days.  There was an incident on my little Road of Life that really should have been just a speed bump, but it somehow became more of a brick wall.  And it's really had me down.  So much so, that I have just been avoiding people the last couple days because I'm struggling to hide this, as I typically do when I'm down but forced to interact with someone.

Which is why I nearly skipped tonights General Relief Society broadcast.  An opportunity to hear from the leaders of the women's organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also an apostle of the Lord.

But the thought of facing so many of my friends and trying to pretend that I wasn't walking around in a completely black cloud was giving me panic attacks.  Finally, I decided to go at the last minute.  I arrived a couple minutes late, so I could slip in the back unseen.  And then I bolted when it was all over.

I'm really glad I went, however.  There was something I needed in each of the messages, but when the final speaker was announced, I knew that this was why I needed to be there tonight.  It was President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  He has been blessed to have an amazing insight into women and he always gives the most inspiring and uplifting talks.

And sure enough, he did it again tonight.  There was one point specifically when I felt as though he were speaking directly to me in my personal situation.  And I know that I'll be okay.  More than okay.  I know that I'm starting to be better already and tomorrow things will start to be good again.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and good days!


Meg said...

I felt the same! It was really like he was peering into my SOUL! And I thought about doing a daily "Forget Me Not" moment (like your joyful moment) at the end of my journal entries each day. So I am going to do that now. You have inspired me in so many ways to be better. You are such a wonderful Mom. You would give anything to help them be happy and healthy. And you are a fantastic Sister. I love you.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I am going to have to watch that! I was working and didn't get to go, but you are so right, President Uchtdorf always gets it right! I always love coming here and hearing your joyful moment...not only are they sweet, it is such a fantastic reminder that there is good in every day, even the *worst* ones! I hear you, sister...just know that there are so many people that think you are absolutely amazing and hilarious and fun! Don't forget that! Sending you big hugs (c:

Cheryl said...

Meg--What a great idea! And, thanks.

Aubrey--Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. The kids have been having me go through my old scrapbooks with them--lots of memories with you! So fun.

Linda said...

The meeting, and his message, had that effect on me too. So glad I went!