Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1059: For Really Real?

I did wake up in a much better mood this morning.  Hooray!

The day went well enough.  Nothing too crazy or eventful.  HH took the kids to violin tonight because the school was hosting a Skate Night at the local roller rink and it made a whole lot more sense for him to take them than me.

So, I took the younger two out for some errands and guess what?!  I'm all finished with Christmas shopping.  Finito.  Is that a word?  I don't know.  But I'm done and I'm a little in shock about that fact, but I am positively thrilled.

Now, I just have to wrap things up and get to the post office for the gifts that need to be shipped to family far away.

But, I'm done!!!!

And get this--Baby B was awesome the whole trip.  He had a couple minor, almost-meltdowns, but was able to recover quickly before it ever became an issue.  Or, even drew the attention of another shopper.  He was so sweet and fun and helpful (and obedient!) and it was fabulous.

Life is good, People.  Life is good.

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Linda said...

I remember that skating party last year. :) I was surprised how much fun I had, probably because the kids were so good to me.