Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 1063: A Project!

Darling A has reached the stage of being obsessed with the tags on her toys, so I searched in vain for the little taggy blanket a friend made for Baby B.  When I couldn't find it, I decided it was high time I did a little craft project and this one seemed simple enough.

And then I realized that Hobby Lobby was right next to the children's consignment store we were already planning on stopping in at this morning and for a moment all of the stars were in alignment.

And then HH announced that he'd forgotten it was the morning he'd signed us up to clean the church.


Yes, I went into it with a bad attitude.

But, then I reminded myself that it is the Lord's house and it should feel more like a privilege to clean it, so it is a better environment for others to worship Him in.  And I tried to make that more of my focus.

It helped that the other families we were cleaning with are our friends and are awesome.  The couple who arrived there first actually began with the bathrooms.  I mean, who does that?  Super people, if you ask me.

Anyway, it took less than two hours.  The kids weren't too ill behaved and Darling A even obliged by falling asleep while nursing and then staying asleep as I buckled her into her car seat (hasn't done that in months!) and remaining asleep until the rest of the cleaning was complete.

And I walked out feeling grateful for the opportunity and grateful for a husband who is willing to sign us up even though I'm always saying, "That responsibility should really be left for families with older children who can either help, or who have moved out."  I really hope our kids learn from his example in this case, and not mine.

The rest of the morning's errands went well.  The consignment shop was a total bust, but Hobby Lobby actually had a lovely piece of minky dot fabric in their remnants clearance shelf!  Exactly what I wanted for the taggy blanket.  I picked up the three teacher gifts I realized I needed after thinking I'd finished all of my Christmas shopping.  Now, I'm done!  And we even stopped in for a spontaneous donut at the local donut shop.

All before I met up with my friends to see a movie.  The movie was not my favorite, but hanging out with my friends was fabulous.  I love my friends.  I know, I never say that here.

And then the rest of the day went well.  Last night after we finally crawled into bed after getting some very wired and wound up children to sleep, I told HH that I really needed today to be a good day.  Thursday and Friday had been okay, but there were some really rough patches--mainly due to my fatigue and my worry over my foot.  I was worried about what a third day down in the grumps would do to me.

So, I'm grateful today was such a great day.  And I'm grateful it began with the opportunity to serve and ended with a bit of crafting (halfway done with the taggy blanket!).  Two great ways to lift my spirits.


Amy said...

You're awesome. I just caught up on the last week of your blog. I usually read it about every other day or so, but it's been busy around here. Ah, such is December, huh? anyway, it sounds like things aren't perfect (i.e. it sounds like life :) ) but that you're handling things in a way that you're happy about. Good for you! You're an inspiration to me. I love you!

Cheryl said...

Amy--I'm glad I can inspire someone who is such an inspiration for me as well! I love you!