Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 1075: Been A Long Time

HH is a singer.  He has a great bass voice.  I count it a huge blessing in my life that I get to hear it.

That being said, the man is always singing.  He'll get one line of one song in his head and sing it over and over and over.

And over.

So, the same line of the same song is always in my head.  And thus, I count it a true triumph any time I get a song in his head.

And, I know he'll be singing as soon as he reads that title.


Of course, I could have also used "It's The End of the World"... but, the world did not come to an end today--surprise.

Today we drove for a long time.  On sort of dangerous roads.  We thought the freeway would be totally clear by today, but not so.  There were so many cars lining both sides and all along the middle section--it was crazy!  HH estimates that we passed at least 50.  Most were empty and probably happened the day before.  But, we saw a couple people slide off the road right in front of us.

The worst were a couple of really sliced up semis.  Scary to imagine what must have happened to the passengers inside.

So, we were really grateful when the roads cleared up and we could make the rest of our journey in safety.

The kids were great.  Especially, Darling A.  She never ceases to amaze me with her happy demeanor.  It made up for the THREE blowouts she had today.  Three!

And finally, we rolled into Fort Collins, CO for a quick weekend of family overload.

First stop was at the rehab center to see my grandparents.  This wasn't a celebrity type of rehab facility.  They both were recently quite ill and are on the mend.  It was great to see them, but sad to see how much they've declined since our last visit.  Especially my grandpa.  But, also makes me grateful that I had the opportunity to see them at all.

Also there were my older brother and his family, whom I haven't seen in year and a half, including one darling little baby girl who turns a year next week who I got to meet for the very first time tonight!  She's beautiful and even let me hold her a couple of times!

And my younger sister was there as well.  Along with her family, including her brand new (2 months) baby boy.  He's so sweet and snuggly!

And my parents.  It's been less than a year and a half since I last saw them and they didn't have any new babies for me to hold, but I still love them.

After a quick visit with the grandparents (didn't want to wear them out with all of our chaos) and dinner, we headed to the hotel and HH was kind enough to stay in our room to put Baby B to bed (the older two had a sleep over with their cousins in Grandma and Grandpa's room), so I could go visit with my family.

It's always a joy to see my siblings interact with my babies.  Darling A and my brother had a nice bonding session, as you can see from his smile here (which, I realize, is actually aimed at his beautiful daughter).  Darling A kept trying to eat his socks and her cousin thought the best way to become acquainted was to repeatedly, playfully slap Darling A in the head.

I was so alarmed by this that I sat back and took a bunch of photos as it happened.

Finally, it was late and we had to call it a night.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up and chatting and laughing with them, and my sister and brother-in-law who eventually joined us after trying to get their poor, sick little toddler to sleep.


Amy said...

This made me sad that I wasn't there. I'm really sad. I'm so glad you got to be there though. I'm especially grateful that you got there safely-I didn't know you were traveling on roads like that last weekend! Glad you're all safe. Love you.

Cheryl said...

I'm sorry for making you sad. I have to not think about you not being there, or I get sad! I think it's time to start up our tradition of visiting each other's homes once a year, don't you?

Linda said...

The only thing that would have made last weekend any better would have been having ALL our kids and their families there. Unfortunately, that would have meant even more people we love traveling in the winter. We'll have to do it again when the weather isn't so wintry...