Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 1076: Filling Up

When you only see your family once in a year and a half, you have to really take advantage of the time together and soak it all in.

So, today was a full day.

We started off at my aunt's home with yummy food and great company.  And we all had a great time catching up and getting to know those we don't see often enough.

I think Little M started calling her his "one true love".  Too bad they're cousins.  They had such a great time together, though, and were so fun to watch.  She's pulling him in a wagon here--that's a devoted cousin!

And I was delighted to get to spend more time with this sweet little niece.  She was super sleepy and really enjoying a little baby toy I had.

For some reason I didn't get many pictures of my sister and her family.  I'm especially sad about no pictures of her sweet sweet little baby!  It was so great to get to hold him.  He's tiny and squishy and perfect.

Later in the day we went to visit both of my grandparents again.  My grandma was back in their apartment, having mostly recovered from her recent illness.  So, we visited with her for a bit and then headed over to see my grandpa at the rehab facility.  We got to spend more time talking with him.  The kids sang a bunch of Christmas carols.  We tried to take turns in his room so we wouldn't overwhelm him with all of the chaos.  So, I got to have a really nice visit with my brother (during which I'm pretty sure I wowed him with my amazing lack of knowledge regarding geography and current events).  He's just really fun to talk with.  I love my brother.  And then we headed back in to say good bye to my grandpa and got to hear some spontaneous story telling from him.  He has a seriously dry sense of humor.  It's so funny!

All in all a great day.  It went by too quickly though and I'm sad this trip is basically over.  But, we all need to get home so we can get some sleep.  The only problem with soaking up all the family time possible is that it leaves little room for rest.

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Linda said...

It was a great day - in so many wonderful ways. It was great to see and spend time with you and your family!