Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 1067: Returning Favors

I got to watch my friend's son today.  The friend who watches Baby B for me each week, so I can have a peaceful therapy appointment.  It's beyond nice to return the favor a bit.

And it's even better than that.  Confession time:  for the past several years, I've struggled to watch other peoples' children.  Nothing wrong with the children, it just was a struggle for me... I'm not entirely sure why.  I've been discovering that a part of my problem has been that the Pass vs. Fail mentality was such a big deal that anything that disrupted my routine would cause an automatic failure.  So, I think that is the source of the problem.  But, I was unaware of that until recently when I realized it was no longer the case.

And it's been such a relief!  I thought something was horribly wrong with me and that I was just incapable of loving any children besides my own.

Thankfully, I now genuinely enjoy watching my friends' children.  Both because it gives me an opportunity to give back to my many generous friends and because their kids are just sweet and fun.

I am constantly being amazed at how every aspect of my life is being changed as a result of my new thought processes.

This afternoon HH informed me that he passed his CMA exam.  He's already a CPA, so the CMA just makes him that much cooler.  (c:  Seriously though, I am so proud of him.  And grateful for all of the time he put into studying for that exam.  And grateful that it was enough so he could pass it and not have to study for it again!  We went to Red Robin for dinner to celebrate that and Little M making it into the Reading Group #2 at school.

On the way we stopped in at the chiropractor.  The kids were telling him all about our new Elf on The Shelf.  He has a couple at his house, too, so they got into quite the discussion.  The best part was when Sweet P and Little M expressed their concern that "our elf might mate with our neighbors elf because she's a girl!"

Oh, that was fun.

I love my children.

I went to book club with my friends tonight, too.  I think I might have mentioned a time or two just how amazing my friends are.

Good day!

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Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to your HH - this is a great accomplishment.