Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 1071: A Perfect Christmas

A couple weeks ago, my therapist and I briefly discussed Christmas.  I told him that I always get depressed in January from post-Christmas disappointment.  It's a two-part problem.  1.  I always get so bogged down in the getting ready part that I never actually take the time to soak in the joys of the season; and 2.  I always want Christmas to be something special and it never lives up to my expectations.

So, he told me to go home and write down what a "perfect Christmas" would look like, as though it were January and I was looking back.  What would I need to feel satisfied with my Christmas season?

So, I did.  And I realized a huge part of my problem--I had it in my mind that everything should be different in the month of December.  We should all be so focused on Christ and love in our family that we become the perfect family.  Just for the month of December there should be no fighting, no anger, just love and kindness between us all.

As a vague idea in my mind, it seemed like a great and reasonable Christmas wish.  Once I formulated it into words, however, I saw just how flawed it really is.

So, I set my sights a little lower.  What I really want is for my kids to truly "get" Christmas.  What it's really about.  And to feel the magic of the season.  Not necessarily the magic of Santa, but the magic of a world where brotherly kindness reigns and where we think of others before ourselves.  You know--Peace on earth and goodwill to men.

The next step was to recognize that this won't actually be accomplished in just one year.  It's something I can build on each year (and preferably, all year).

So, for this year, I determined to just make extra moments to share in a bit of Christmas spirit with the kids.  I'm reading A Christmas Carol with them.  It's a bit hefty for young listeners, but they seem to be enjoying it.  We're going to watch the movie together too (Mickey's version, of course!) and I think that will help fill in all the gaps.

I got them a giant Christmas-themed coloring book, similar to one my mom had for us that I loved coloring in each year.

And we've watched some wonderful short videos done by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well.  This one here is one of my favorites.  You can go here to see clips of that video along with a beautiful rendition of O Come Emmanuel.

It's been nice.

And tonight, I got a little bit of my unrealistic dream of having perfect love and harmony in our home for a few minutes.  The boys were playing together without any fighting (NEVER happens!) and had us all laughing.  The feeling of peace and love was so strong and wonderful.  I loved that moment.

And I just had to share this sweet pic of my bathing beauty.  My children have all been blessed with beautiful eyes.  I love it!

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Linda said...

I love what you are doing, Cheryl. Just when I think she can't get any cuter... SHE DOES!