Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 1047: Let's Do This!

So, tomorrow is a big day.  My first Thanksgiving hosted in my own home.

I'm seriously so excited.

The kids were home from school today, so I made the executive decision to just stay home from the gym and get my work out in through house cleaning.  And it was a success!  Clean bathroom, clean carpets.  Life is good.

And in between all of that (plus, a visit from a friend who is accompanying Sweet P on Sunday while she plays the violin in church!), I did all of the prepping I could today.  That meant some fabulous homemade cranberry sauce (I can't believe there is even a place in this world for the canned stuff because the real deal is so simple and tastes so fabulous), one pecan pie (my first ever!), and brine for the turkey.  And then, of course, placing the turkey in the brine.  An adventure.

This is what my turkey looks like right now.  We used a little creativity to help the brining liquid surround the entire turkey right now.  I'm a little paranoid the bag is going to somehow burst in the night and I will never be able to reclaim my fridge or its contents from the turkey brine ick that would cover the whole inside.

But mostly, I'm super excited for tomorrow!


Linda said...

That looks like it took a lot of hands to put together... How many people went into getting that turkey and all that brine in that bag??? You are AWESOME!

Cheryl said...

Well, the kids held the bag open for me to slide the turkey in and then I poured the brine over it. HH helped me concoct the plate/bowl contraption to squeeze the brine up around the bird better and then it did take the two of us to put it back in the fridge that way.