Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 1034: Kindness Begins With Me

Or, with Baby B in this case.

I don't know what has come over the boy.  He had his moments today, but he had some really out of character ones too.

I was getting after Little M for not cleaning up some candy wrappers after being asked several times and Baby B just voluntarily went over and started picking it up with him.

A little while later, a similar thing happened with Sweet P and her jacket and there was Baby B heading toward the coat rack with it.  Although, as he passed by me, he said, "I can't reach."  Which was true, so Sweet P did have to help a bit.

And then later, I told Little M it was time to set up his violin for practice.  Baby B quietly went over and got his violin case and bag and brought it over to Little M.

Baby B, like a typical toddler pretty much never helps out, even when asked.  So, this was amazing.  Each time I was stunned and so happy.

Maybe we have peaceful days right around the corner after all.

I could go for that.

Tonight was the first meeting of a book club comprised of my friends.  It was fun.  Not a lot of actual book discussion, but plenty of discussion anyway.

And delicious buttermilk cinnamon rolls.

And then back home to my poor little Darling A.  She has croup and right now there is nothing more sad than her cough, followed by the most pitiful and weak cry.  Oh, it's heart breaking!

She's still so sweet and smiley when she's not coughing though.  I need to be more like my infant.  Is that normal?


Amy said...

Poor poor baby! I hate croup. Can be scary-and it's alway miserable for mom and kid. Tell Baby B he's awesome and give him a hug from me!

Cheryl said...

Me too. And I will! Thanks!