Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 1046: Embracing

Well, I was hoping to wake up in a good mood.  And I didn't.

Things actually got a little worse before they got better.  But, I kept holding onto that hope that things would get better.  Yoga helped.  As did being among people and friends again.

After, I was able to determine that in spite of all of my self talk about not getting caught up in false "pass, or fail" scenarios, I had done precisely that.  Getting down like that had been really upsetting and a little scary.

But, I came through it okay.  And that's when I decided to embrace what happened and see it as a success instead.  Because I'm still here.  I'm still trying.  And I still have hope.  And really, it's these types of challenges that will make me strongest.

Being able to remain stable when my happiness is being challenged (as has happened multiple times over the past few weeks) is important.  But, being able to get back up and hold onto hope while in the midst of depression is even more important.  That is where I really need to be stronger and you only strengthen the muscles you specifically work.

So, learning to stay open to the possibility of happiness is today's lesson and my new area of focus.


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm sending a big hug (as in embracing :) I hope you get some more sleep, that always makes a difference for me.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the hug and the sleep wishes!