Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 1049: Discipline With Love

That's been another recent mantra for me.

Now that I'm feeling so much more peace within, I'm trying to extend it beyond myself to those I live with.  I try to be patient with my children, regardless of good or bad behavior.  Sometimes I'm really pleased with the way I discipline, but sometimes I'm not.

Tonight HH and I had a great chat about the kind of parents we want to be.  Mainly, what we need to improve on so that our children will grow into strong and confident people who know who they are, Whose they are, that they are loved, and love themselves.  It was a really good conversation.  I'm so grateful to be married to a man who listens when I correct him in the exact same areas where I myself struggle.

And one that I can lift weights with and then sit with in the hot tub long enough that I about pass out on my way out.

Because that happened today too.

And our one Black Friday find was a pair of hats for the youngest two.  They are ridiculously adorable.  Pictures to follow...

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