Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 1052: Buddies

This morning Baby B was leaning over the changing table while I got Darling A ready.  He was wearing his new penguin hat and being a bit wild with his movements.  This makes me nervous, but Darling A wasn't concerned in the least.  She thought he was hilarious and could not stop laughing at him.

And then again just before bed, both boys had her in full on hysterics.  It was so fun to listen to.  I mean, what is better than a baby giggle?  Seriously.

And my day was sandwiched in between baby giggles.

I took the kids to the children's museum today because they got out of school early.  Not something I normally would have done because it makes the rest of the day (especially the day of piano lessons) that much busier and hectic.  But, I told myself to imagine everything with the best possible outcome, rather than the worst and to just go.

So, we did.  And we had a good time.

But, things were completely chaotic when we got home.  And I struggled to remain positive, calm, and in the right state of mind to parent in my ideal way.  I didn't go full swing in the other direction--I just didn't handle the situation in the best possible way either.

So, it was okay.  But, by the time dinner was over (the chaos continued--who knew learning to carry the 10's in addition could make life so stressful?), I was sort of at my breaking point.  I took a 5 minute time out.  Initially, my mind went into overdrive and I felt the overwhelming stress of my to-do list smothering me, but I was able to put it on hold.

It turns out I'm so overly tired (sleep training Darling A is getting to us), I was just struggling to challenge any of my thoughts and turn them around.  But, I knew that if I had more energy I could do it.  So, I was able to convince myself to put all of the stressful thoughts on hold for a later time when I do have the energy to challenge them and see that everything really is okay.

So, that's where I sit.  I'm hopeful that things will look better in the morning.  I'm pretty sure they will.  I just wish I was more optimistic about the amount of sleep I might get tonight...


Amy said...

Tyler's 4th grade spelling homework is stressful for me-it's sooo much more than spelling. I like your idea that waiting to have those "insightful" thoughts when you're less tired will be more productive and positive. I"m going to remember that. Love you.

Cheryl said...

Oh dear. So far spelling has been pretty basic. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad!

Linda said...

Who's taking PIANO lessons? (Please send an email reply; I won't remember to look back at this post.)