Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 1049: It's Beginning

HH hung our Christmas lights today.

That's the first time we've ever had Christmas lights on the exterior of our dwelling.  It made me feel quite pleased as a homeowner.

I think it mostly made HH feel frustrated and cold.

And thankful that neither Sweet P nor Little M, who joined him on the roof, slid off.

I shared that sentiment as well.

This evening was one of frustration for me.  It involved a shopping trip, a missing wallet, a generous rescue by HH, and then still more shopping.  Not shopping I wanted to be doing.  And then coming home to too many things and people needing me all at once.

I think this is a guy thing, but in the midst of all of this, HH decided to go take care of one last thing outside.  I expressed my frazzledness.  Normally, he'd just kind of apologize and promise to hurry, or tell me to chill, or something like that.

Tonight, he put down what he was doing and said, "I guess that can wait.  What can I do to help you?"

If I hadn't been on the verge of tears, I might have kissed him and let loose with a little "Hallelujah Chorus".

Instead, he's getting this public expression of my gratitude.  A little delayed, but every bit as heartfelt.

I love you, HH

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Linda said...

For some reason, this post brought tears to my eyes. You did such a good job of describing the situation; what a guy!