Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 1038: Teethers

Darling A has two teeth.

Lucky for you, you cannot hear the despondency with which I type that.  Doesn't she know how hard I'm trying to make her babyhood last?!  She's not even 5 months yet!  What is she doing with two teeth already?!

Stop it!

Other than that heartbreaking discovery, today was fabulousness.  Nothing extremely out of the ordinary.  It's just that the fog has gradually been lifting over the past few weeks as I've really been working on my therapy homework, and letting the sunlight back in feels great.

As in, Tony the Tiger GRRRRRREAT!

So, I checked a bunch of stuff off of my to-do list.  Including a little bit of service, which always feels great.  And I enjoyed a little time with just me and Baby B while the no-longer-toothless-wonder took a long nap.  And then a wonderful Visiting Teaching visit with two of my friends.

I even enjoyed violin practice with the kiddos tonight.  I didn't make myself crazy with guilt over being late getting dinner on the table.  And it was a really yummy dinner.  Enjoyed be all (except that Little M didn't like the potato part, which was funny because there were no potatoes involved.  Turns out it was the diced chicken.  What does it mean if your 5-year old mistakes chicken for potatoes?).

And then a great, interactive family home evening lesson by HH.

Simple, but GRRRRRREAT! nonetheless.

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