Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 1036: The Kind That I Like

The kind of Saturday, that is.

It was both laid back and productive.

I got my hair cut and I love it!  I'm still growing it out, but the back was driving me crazy.

And we had a lot of family together time as we ran a bunch if errands together.  And it went really well!  At least, it went really well considering that we had four kids in tow, including a tantrum-prone toddler ( I only got kicked in the ear once during the outing) and a sick little baby.

And we got some Star Wars slippers for the kids for Christmas.  A small thing, but they'll be so excited.

Did I mention that we had weather in the upper 70's today?  How weird is that?!

And tonight it's supposed to snow...

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