Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 1037: Church-y Church

Typical Sunday for me:

Get up, run around like headless chicken trying to get everyone ready on time (including me) without yelling at everyone, run out the door, run back in for some forgotten item, run out again, get to church late.

Spend first half of the first hour trying to de-stress after morning chaos, trying to not be bugged by my irreverent children, head to mother's lounge to feed a hungry baby for the second half of first hour.

Head to Sunday School with sleeping baby only to have her wake up as soon as announcements are over and lesson begins and then try to keep her quiet so others can hear the lesson, eventually give up and head out to the hall.

Head to Relief Society for the third and final hour with a finally contented baby, sit down, only to have her decide she's starving again as soon as the announcements are over and the lesson begins, head to Mother's Lounge to feed her, yet again.

And then we get home and I'm tired, hungry, and cranky and wondering why I do this each week.

Today was different.

I'm not entirely sure why.  Maybe my therapy has taken a more permanent hold than I thought?

The morning was still hectic, but I didn't feel the urge to yell at anyone and I didn't feel super stressed.  I was actually in a good mood when I got into the car.  We were late, but not as late as we have been.  I did have to leave to feed Darling A halfway through the first meeting, but at least I was able to take the Sacrament first.

And I finally remembered to bring her SwaddleMe blanket, so she took a pretty great nap and I got to enjoy all of Sunday School.  And today's lesson was just for me, I swear.  It was right along the lines of things I've been pondering lately and really well taught.  And then I even made it through Relief Society!  Darling A was awake and not entirely happy, but I stood in the back and was able to keep her quiet enough that we could stay and hear another fabulous lesson that was again really great for me to hear.

And given that the Sabbath is meant to be the Lord's day and a day of rest, I'm pretty sure it should be like this more often than not.

So, here's hoping that I've turned over a new leaf and am finally getting better at "choosing the better part".

It's a good thing she's so adorable!

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