Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1027: The Upside of Sickness

Baby B has been wild and crazy and ornery while I have been absent here.  I know, big surprise, right?

He's the only toddler who displays such behavior.  I know.

But, this morning he woke up feeling quite a bit "under the weather".  He's often sniffly and slightly on the sick side, so we don't typically stop the presses when this happens.  And these symptoms have been around for a few days.  So, I didn't fully realize just how yucky he was feeling until after I went to pick him up from the gym (at which point I realized that I probably shouldn't have taken him to the gym) and he was laying on the rug looking so sad and pathetic.

This might sound a little bad, but it was kind of nice.  Not that I am at all happy that he was suffering.  But, he was so calm and snuggly and sweet and easy to please all day (mostly, because all he wanted were snuggles and sleep).

And it was a good break from me.

I did take him to the doctor to make sure it was nothing serious.

It's not.

And I'm sure he'll be back at the tantrums in a day, or two.

So, I'm going to enjoy the calm while it lasts.  And comfort my baby all I can while he's feeling yucky.


Linda said...

Isn't it wonderful when they're so snuggly. Especially if that doesn't happen very often. Congrats on finding the silver lining to having a sick child. Hope he's better soon.

Cheryl said...

Haha. Thanks for not making it sound like I'm awful for enjoying this part of him being sick. (c: