Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 1054: The Mess That Just Keeps on Messin'

The thing about kids is they can take a mess and manage to just somehow spread it everywhere.  Everywhere.  Ev-er-y-where.  Eeeeeevvvvvrywhere.

Be it toothpaste or doggie doo.

We maybe had issues with both of those today.

It was pure awesomeness.

Add in a 30+ minute full on screaming tantrum and a massive blowout.

But, guess what?  I'm doing fine.  I'm not feeling like I've been picked on, or my life is too difficult to manage, or that I don't want to get out of bed tomorrow, or that it just isn't worth it, or anything like that.

I'm laughing about it.  And proud of myself for being okay.

There were some fun moments with each of the kids in between all of that, too.  And the math homework was not nearly so emotional today.

And some laughs with my HH about the beautiful craziness that is our life.  And we're getting close to having all (most) of the Christmas gift madness decided on.