Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 1055: Hooky

Is that how it's spelled?  As in, "playing hooky"?

So, last night did not go well.  To be fair, we stayed up later than we should.  HH has the good excuse of being out playing basketball.  Me?  I was watching "The Voice".  Should have been in bed sleeping.  Because, for those first few hours Darling A slept quite soundly.

Not so much later on.

So, as I sat nursing her in the early morning with HH offering to help get the kids up and ready for school, it occurred to me that it would be really nice if he just stayed home.  If he stayed home, I could go back to bed and sleep a couple more hours, he could come with me to Baby B's therapist appointment, he could watch Baby B while I met up with a friend for lunch (the last time I met this friend for lunch he threw a huge tantrum and gave her the stink eye the entire time!), we could decide which family picture to have blown up to hang on the wall, finalize the gifts we're getting for the kids for Christmas, he could get a nap himself (see, this wasn't an entirely selfish line of thought), and he'd already be home rather than having to come home early to get the kids to a rehearsal on time.

I threw the thought out to him and he readily agreed.


My morning nap didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped, but it was still nice to rest a bit while HH got the kids off to school and I did get about 30 minutes of extra sleep.  The appointment with the therapist was that much better for having both of us there to ask questions, listen, and learn.  The lunch appointment was great--the boys actually ended up just joining us.  It was with a friend who I love and really admire and haven't been able to catch up with for quite a while now, so it was nice to remedy that.  HH enjoyed a lovely nap in the afternoon, during which I had an amazing personal experience while doing my scripture study (sort of private to share, but suffice it to say, two thoughts that have always hung over my head even at the best of times are finally gone and I can honestly say I am excited and optimistic about my future finally!), then HH took the kids to their rehearsal while I...wait for it... went grocery shopping with the younger two TANTRUM-FREE!!!  It was nothing short of pure awesomeness.  Then a nice dinner with the whole family, kids to bed, Christmas gifts and photos decided on and ordered and then half of a movie with HH before we decided we were tired and headed off to bed.

I love random days off of work!

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