Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 840: Tantrums

Today was a challenge.

My boys always seem so in tune with my feelings and energy level and have this innate ability to act out even worse on my bad days.

It's probably just because I'm not as present as a mom and it's their way for seeking attention, but it makes things rough.

And that was today.

Little M has been whining and complaining lately over everything I do--even when I try to do something extra or fun (i.e. make some fresh strawberry limeade for dinner).  It's been completely deflating for my motivation as a mother.  I know I shouldn't take the criticism of a 5-year old to heart... but, I do.

Anyway, so today's Joyful Moment was found early when I bumped into a couple friends at the gym and enjoyed a nice chat with them as they are preparing for a marathon this weekend.  I'm so proud of them in all of their hard work and excited for their accomplishment.

And I'm grateful to be fortunate in my friendships.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and some positive feedback!


Linda said...

Hang in then - every mom had days (or weeks...) when things don't go as planned. There's always tomorrow (or next week :)

My JM was spending some time with my baby sis who had surgery a couple of days ago. I always enjoy time with her. I wish I'd remembered to buy some flowers before I got to where she lives (no stores close), but I got over my disappointment. Hopefully, my visit was enough.

Meg said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on that relief of not working with a certain child. A year of teaching 33 preschoolers will definitely make anyone- no matter how much they "love everyone"- understand what you mean! You can still love them and not really like being around them!

And I'm sorry that things haven't been too good with the kiddos... you can probably tell from my blog that it's been the same over here and I only have one so I don't feel like I even have the right to say anything about it but... some days are hard!

Also, I love you.

Oh and my joyful moment last friday was... that it was finally FRIDAY and so I got to just be with my Weston. We didn't do anything particularly fun- just babysat my friends kids. But it was just nice to be next to him. :)

Amy said...

I've had that experience of RELIEF over not having to be with a certain child. Glad you get to feel that today!! I also agree with what Meg said above. So right.

And you know, about boys and their attitudes...I'm wondering if it's a stage all boys go through because Tyler has done that-all last summer and another one a couple years before that. It is amazing how ANNOYING and DEPRESSING it is when your kids totally don't appreciate your work to have some totally fun activity. I lost it with Tyler last summer. I probably said more than I should have to him. I was really mad. So good luck, and you can cry on my shoulder anytime.
My JM today is that I painted/waterproofed the floors in the fort, and killed at least 50 dandelion plants (I hope!).

Cheryl said...

Mom--Give her big hugs from us. I'm sure your visit was more than enough.

Meg--Thanks. Love you too!

Amy--I wish you lived next door and we could just send our grumpy boys off to play on your fort. (c: