Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 890: 1st Grade Lunch

We (Uncle included) met Sweet P for lunch at school today.  Last day of 1st Grade!  I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!  She was so thrilled and proud to have her family there.  It was really fun to do that for her.  Definitely a Joyful Moment.

And of course, every Joyful Moment is made better when it involves sandwiches from Jimmy John's--which this one did.

And then their Uncle went out and played soccer with them.  I will definitely have to include the photo when I have my computer again.  It was pretty funny watching him play with about 20 little 1st Graders.

I'm so proud of my Sweet P for yet another great year of school.  We got her final report card today.  And, of course, it was fantastic Joyful Moment.  We're so blessed to have her, especially as our oldest.  She is so great.

Wishing you all fantastic Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

CONGRATS to Sweet P!

My JM is probably that yes, I did finish painting 2 coats of the trim work in our bedroom. I'm ready to do the rolling tomorrow. HOORAY!

Amy said...

lunch with mom and dad is always a highlight at school. You make me want to do that more. My Jm is snuggling every day with russell. He appears to have missed it as much as I did.

Cheryl said...

Mom--WAY TO GO!!!

Amy--I don't know why, but I hadn't even thought about what that cast would do to cuddle time--I'm so glad you're getting it now!