Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 892: Insanity

Today was crazy.

Fortunately, HH and Uncle let me sneak away to get in some good yoga at the gym while they dealt with all the madness at home.  That was a blessed blessed Joyful Moment.

After the extra boys left, we took Little M to a birthday party and dropped HH and Uncle off to donate blood.  HH gets a little woozy around blood draws and has never donated before.  I was so proud with him after it was all said and done and he was quite pleased with having donated.  Joyful Moment for us both there.

But the day's events took longer than anticipated, so instead of grilling ribs for dinner, we ended up going out.  Which was more than chaotic.  Baby B was in a terrible very bad no good mood, having had a messed up nap time and was just on the rampage.  He finally calmed down when the waiter brought him some fries and a cookie.  Healthy foods r' us.

Things were just starting go well when he put his hand on my plate and accidentally tipped the whole thing into my lap.

I was wearing my favorite shirt.

Favorite Shirt now has stains and some grease on it.

I should have ordered a salad.

I got sad.  Probably more sad than I should have, but let's be honest--I only have about 5 shirts left that fit me.  Two of those are comfortable.  And only one of those do a feel really cute in.

Wanna guess which of the 5 got potentially ruined tonight?

So, this was not a Joyful Moment.  But, after we had returned home and were getting the kids ready for bed, Baby B came up to me (I was laying on the couch kind of moping) and said,

"Mommy, wha' happen?"

"My shirt got messy and I'm a little sad."

"You liddo sad?"


"You cwyin'?"

"No, just sad."

Then he briefly thought this over before reaching over and stroking my hair.

"I be sof' wi' you hay (hair)."

Then he looked at me and as he scooted away said, "Love yuuuuuu," in such a sweet, soft, little voice.

And I'll be honest--even in my sadness, it was a Joyful Moment.  Amazing to me to see such gentle compassion in one so young.

And then we played more games tonight and I perked up a bit and it was more Joyful Moments, fortunately.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and gentle compassion during the not-so-joyful moments!

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Linda said...

Your shirt looked pretty good when we saw you in it. :) This was another joyful day because I spent it getting ready to come visit you~