Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 1134: Easy Peasy

Today was actually a really great day.

Yoga in the morning.  I haven't been in a while and it's always nice to learn that you've been missed at times like that.  Plus, I really needed some good yoga.  And I got it.

Then a play date with a really good friend.  We rarely see each other and we've been trying to set this up for nearly a month now, but between crazy lives and 8 children (four for each of us) there has always been something to come up and interfere.  And finally, we made it happen!

It was really fun.  The kids kept us busy--all four of hers are home.  She is amazing.  And she's just sort of a kindred spirit.  One of those people that is so easy and natural to be around.  Just an effortless friendship.  And I love it.  I can be totally honest and open with her and I don't have to feel guarded at all.  And I really appreciate that.  Plus, she's an awesome example to me in a lot of ways.  And she liked my risotto (we had lunch--mac n' cheese for the kiddies and leftover risotto for the mamas).  Complimenting my cooking is always a swift way into my heart.

So, I'm really glad we were able to make that happen.  And I'm really glad she counts me among her friends.

This evening was another story.  But, it's all a work in progress, so that's okay.  Half of a day being great is better than no part of a day being great.  Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

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