Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 1148: Letting Go Of My Time Table

For years, my workout routine has been paramount.  It has been the thing that the rest of the day is scheduled around.  This has not been an entirely bad things, as it has been a great help at fighting depression.  But, it has also made it difficult for me to get other things done.  Things like putting other people and things first.

Since hurting my foot and then being sick forever and then staying home for a while to help HH, my workout has had to take the back burner quite a bit.  Repeatedly.

And I learned a few things.  One, just how many more hours a day seems to have--and how I don't need to hold onto them nearly so tightly.  And two, that I can in fact, survive without my daily workout.  And it doesn't mean I'll instantly be out of shape.

And I think all of that was preparing me to make the changes I'm currently working on.  It's a lot easier to reach out and help (or, accept help) when I'm not insanely stressed about what the next minute requires.

It's also a good thing for Darling A.  I've been trying to help her get on a nap schedule that accommodates my workout schedule.  But, it hasn't worked out.  At all.  So, I've been accommodating hers the past little while.  With much more success.  We're all happier.

And I'm loving it.

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