Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 1147: Changing

So, I must have been doing better than I thought last night because I woke up in a cautiously good mood.  And things improved from there.  Nice workout, great conversation with a friend, quick (and tantrum-free) stop at Trader Joe's, took advantage of an opportunity to do a small gesture of kindness for another friend, all in time for Darling A to get in a morning nap.  Then the kids played while I sat with them and checked some stuff off of my to-do list.

And I was feeling pretty good about myself and my attempts at changing my focus to be more outward.  It made the day really fun and pleasant.  And I felt a lot of peace.

Except, every now and then, I'd get a little stressed and overwhelmed.  But, less and less as the day wore on.

And then, we had a bit of a hectic afternoon/early evening and it wore on us a bit.

But, progress is still progress, right?  And today had a lot of progress, even if it's the one step forward, two steps back kind. (:


Meg said...

I was listening to this and immediately thought of you. I think you'll like it: (you can also read it)

Cheryl said...

Thanks. (: