Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 1138: The Amazing Skills of Dry Ice

We have a birthday party coming up.  We only do parties every other year, so there is a lot of excitement for this one.  It's "Harry Potter" themed because the kids are always obsessed with whatever HH has most recently introduced them to.  In two years, I'm going to the party aisle in Target to see what they have and then making HH get them super excited about something current for once.  So far we always seem to be two or three years behind and it's really hard to find stuff!

Fortunately for me, HH always gets into the party planning in a big way.  He's done the majority of the planning for this one, in fact.  I'm a little stressed about the cake requested, so I told him that will be my main concern and he was gracious enough to oblige.

Plus, he's pretty darn excited about it all.

There is a little bit of a disagreement in just who came up with the idea (but it was me), but one of the big parts of the party will be making a potion (a.k.a. root beer with dry ice).  It's been quite the ordeal to gather the ingredients.  I won't go into all of that, except to say that part of it involved going to the store with just Little M and Darling A.  Little M is always a great helper and buddy when he's not competing with other siblings.  Apparently, Darling A doesn't pose a threat to him yet.  So, it was a really nice outing.

The good news is, we gathered them all today and brewed up some root beer to practice before the actual party.  With dry ice.  It was so much fun watching the kids' (and HH's) enthusiasm.  Mingled with a bit of fear over this new and somewhat mysterious substance.

Pretty exciting stuff.

Then HH looked up a bunch of little tricks involving dry ice and they had a blast.  And I thought to myself, "Party planned.  Check."

And then tonight while giving Darling A her bath was another Joyful Moment.  I love watching her experience so much wonder and joy as she discovers the world beyond herself.  Even when it's just a big bottle of shampoo that is empty enough that she can hold it,  She was so incredibly delighted with this discovery.  As much as it pains me to know she is growing up, it is a privilege to experience life in its pure simplicity as I get to glimpse it through her eyes.  It is a beautiful thing.

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