Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1140: We're In This Together

Well, yesterday's storm ended up being a much bigger deal than I anticipated.  Could be because I haven't paid much attention to the weather except to rejoice in being able to go out without a coat on Saturday.  So, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that it is, in fact, still winter.

And the storm packed a bit of a punch, so all sorts of things were rescheduled and rearranged this morning.  Including my therapy appointment.  Fortunately, we still made it.  I really don't like going so I have to psych myself up the day before and once I've done that, I really don't want to postpone it for another day.

Plus, she looked to cute to stay in all day, right?

Anyway, I dragged HH to this appointment with me.  The fallout from his surgery (compounded with the crazy year we've had) has sort of highlighted some of the weaknesses in our relationship.  Nothing major.  And not even stuff we couldn't necessarily handle on our own, but given how much we love each other, my depression is inseparably connected to our relationship and its ups and downs.  So, it made sense to discuss some things together.

And it was really nice.  I mean, as nice as therapy can be. (:  But, it was nice having HH there with me. In my humble opinion, he and I have a stellar relationship, but it was interesting to have a third party there as we discussed somethings.  It helped to open up some new lines of communication that I think will be really beneficial as we continue to work on making our relationship ever stronger.

And it means so much to me that HH was willing to come in with me.  He has a long list of reasons why that would be an uncomfortable thing for him, but he came anyway.  Because he loves me.

I'm pretty lucky.

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Linda said...

You're both very very lucky... or just really smart. After all, you chose each other. :)