Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 1145: Here At Hogwarts

As I mentioned, we have a birthday coming up here and today was the day of the party.  We only do these every other year, so it's a big deal.

Well, I think when you're turning six, it would be a big deal anyway.

Remember the dry ice dress rehearsal?  I think it went over really really well.  Actually, the whole party went really well, as far as I could tell.

It was a fun and crazy morning.

And HH planned almost the whole thing.  It was really really nice.

This was the main thing I was responsible.  Well, main two things if you want to get technical--that sweet little smiling boy is a product of my womb, after all. (:  But that monstrosity in front of him was his request in lieu of a cake.  It is a giant ice cream sandwich.  Chocolate cookie on the bottom, regular on top, cookie dough ice cream in the middle, mini M&M's around the outside, per his specific request. Pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.  He was pretty happy about it as well.

After, we went out to lunch to continue the celebration.  Good times!

And then a friend called and asked me to do a favor, so my resolution to be a better friend and find more opportunities to serve was given a big boost.


Belkycita said...

Happy Birthday Bryce!!!
Victoria and Elena wish you a wonderfully green day!!

They also want me to tell you that they were ready to pinch you, too bad you were far away.
The loved your party and wished so bad they were there with you.
Big hugs from your aunt and uncle
We love you

Linda said...

That cookie looks AWESOME! How much of it was eaten at the party? I hope all of you got to enjoy it. My mouth is watering, in case you can't tell...

That Harry Potter mark on the forehead is quite classy. I'm sure it was an amazing party, in spite of all the muggles.

lHAPPY BIRTHDAY, Little - oops - Big M. :)