Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 1146: Germie Pancakes

Today's the big day.  This baby of mine turned 6 today.  We made green German pancakes (a.k.a. "germie pancakes", according to Baby B), in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Not bad, really.

It ended up being a pretty busy day.  I went from one thing to the next all day long.  I never really got a chance to relax--even at church, which is kind of odd.  That's never a good thing for me.  And then, Baby B went a little wild at church and I kind of reacted strongly.  And afterwards, I was really embarrassed about it.

And, as I'm quickly learning, being embarrassed is a big trigger for me.

So, I struggled through, trying to get back on top of things, so my Little M could keep enjoying his big day.  I think he was excited enough about everything that he didn't really notice.  I'm really grateful for that.

HH was keenly aware, however, since I took some of this out on him.  Not that he was totally guiltless himself, but he didn't really deserve my anger.  Fortunately, we talked it out and at least we are okay.  Even if I am not.  But, being stable with him is a huge help for me at times like this.

This whole "being honest" thing is a bit of a challenge.  But, I'm trying.

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