Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 1149: Strange Places

So, things continue to go well.  It occurred to me at one point today that I have spent very little of the past couple of days trying to make other people think I'm awesome.

That sounds little weird.  But, it was really nice.  Turns out that trying to make other people think I'm awesome (regardless of what I think of myself) is really exhausting.

Also, I hurt my back.  Just a sprain/strain, but it kinda hurts pretty bad.  It got really really bad tonight, so HH took over with the final push in getting the kids to bed while I fed Darling A.

Let me interject here--I have been amazed at just how well he has handled this whole "post surgery" situation.  I would have gone absolutely crazy with the lack of ability, the need to be so dependent on someone else for a while, the constant pain, the process of getting back to normal, etc.  But, for the most part, he's been pretty stalwart.  Which is not to say that he hasn't struggled at all.  Because, completely understandably, it has been hard on him.

But, for a little while tonight as he took care of the kids and then me, he seemed totally back to himself. Downright chipper, if I may say.

And I think that was really nice for both of us to see.

He's so used to taking care of so much around here, no wonder the limitations from his surgery have been rough on him.

Of course, now that (fingers crossed) I'm getting better, he's just going to have to be okay to not take care of everything.  We are a team, after all.

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