Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 1143: Good Help

Isn't all that hard to find, after all.

HH borrowed a Harry Potter cookbook from the library (you know how kids tend to get obsessed with one topic for a while?  They all deserve daddies like HH who does so much to nurture and make the most of those obsessions.  I love that he takes care of them in this way!).  There are some really awesome recipes--haggis and black pudding, anyone?  And some really complicated recipes.  And some in between.  So, I told the kids to pick one and we'd make it.

Little M picked rock cakes.  And did a ton of the work helping to make them.  He is such a good helper in the kitchen and it was a fun, bonding Joyful Moment for us both.  The rock cakes ended up being a lot like scones--the biscuit-y kind, not the fried--and were really quite yummy.  So, it was a double win.

Then we took the boys to get haircuts, long overdue.  They look great.  And whenever Baby B's hair is short, it seems ta accentuate his ridiculously long eyelashes.  This makes me happy.

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