Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 1156: Taco Bar

Today was a crazy busy day.  But, it was a good day.  And I'm really proud.  It's the kind of day where I could have totally lost it and turned myself over to stress.  Instead, I kept a prayer in my heart and a smile on my face and everything went really well.  And I was happy instead of stressed.

Did I mention that I'm really proud of myself?

Tonight we had a friend, her son, and the missionaries over for dinner.  Taco bar, per her suggestion.  It was really fun.  Except that HH could barely make his own tacos (he did makes his own, though--very much to his credit), so that left me to make tacos for all of my children.  By the time I finished with the first round of them (including cleaning up two messes Baby B had made with his), they were gobbled and ready for another round.  Thankfully, my friend was able to help keep a demanding little Darling A happy.

And eventually, everyone (including me) was fed and happy.  And eating cookies.  I'm not going to lie--I think I make super delicious chocolate chip cookies.

And then we had a discussion about trials and how they can be a blessing in our lives by helping strengthen our relationship with God.  And it was really nice to chat about things that really matter.

And then everyone left, we put kids in bed, cleaned up, and I got to have a nice chat with my mama for her birthday today.  She's 29, in case you were wondering.

Today was a really good day.

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Linda said...

Thanks for making me feel special - then and now. I love you, Cheryl.