Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 36: Girl's Night Out

For some reason this didn't post last night, but I promise I typed it yesterday!

Just for one girl. Me.

I got to skip out on post-dinner clean up and putting the kids to bed to go shopping.

It was fabulous!

I was able to find a cute Easter dress for Sweet P and an adorable 3-piece suit for Little M--all on sale, of course.

Plus a couple outfits for upcoming baby showers and a little something for myself.

It felt so good to be out alone. To walk down the aisles without holding any little hands in a vice grip to keep them from running off. To debate over a couple dresses for over 10 minutes without anyone asking me when we were leaving and whining incessantly.

I love being with my children. But being out by myself tonight was just exactly what I needed. A nice long Joyful Moment.

Thanks again to my fab HH for providing me with this free time. I love you.

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