Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 39: Set the Table, If You're Able

No pictures again tonight. When I can muster the energy to go downstairs and post from my own computer, I will attach them. But not tonight.

So, I love to cook. And to bake. And just make yummy things in the kitchen. So, for the most part, making dinner is something I enjoy. But for whatever reason, the last 5-10 minutes right before the meal are super stressful. I'm not sure how to get more organized with it. But it seems like all the sudden a million things need to be done.

I've usually got one or two things coming out of the oven or off the stove needing to be placed on hot pads on the table. I'm trying to finish up the salad or whatever vegetable we're having. I'm trying to cut up some fruit. I'm trying to get the table set (by myself, or whoever is around--but the kids can only reach some of the dishes). I'm trying to get milk and salad dressings or whatever else we need from the fridge, out and on on the table. And it's like it all needs to happen at the same time.


Part of the reason this problem was created is because Little M kind of starts to go crazy if the table is set with food or dishes before it's actually time to sit and eat.

Anyway, tonight at this point in time I had everyone else in the kitchen with me and everyone helped to get everything put on the table. It was awesome. Seriously. I loved it. It was so nice to have the help of six other hands. It greatly reduced my stress and was also just more fun. So much so that it was actually today's Joyful Moment.

Now if I can just figure out how to make that happen every night...

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of coordinated efforts making life a little easier and better!


Amy said...

I can hear mom saying that title to this post...thanks for taking me back with that. My joyful moment yesterday was when my husband sat down next to me after the kids were in bed and we had a good talk. He does that often-but I really needed to talk yesterday and he knew that.

Linda said...

My joy came from fasting with all of our family (those who are pregnant fasted in spirit). At the end of the fast, I felt like somehow we'd turned a page and are beginning a new chapter. I felt recharged. And I felt a lot of support from our family. I rejoiced in being part of something so powerful.