Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 33: Sweet P

Today was another one of those days. It's pathetic how often I have one of "those days"--especially considering how great my life is. Thank you, Hormones! But that's why I'm doing this blog. And thank heavens for it. Otherwise I'm positive I'd be having a lot more of "those days".

Anyway, enough negativity.

The thing is, Sweet P is pretty intuitive and I'm pretty sure she picked up on the fact that I was having a rough day even though I really strive to hide it from the kids when I am. I told her to come upstairs for her afternoon snack and she said, "Just a minute, I'm finishing my present for you."

It's not Christmas or my birthday.

She's just thoughtful like that. She knows how much getting a present totally brightens her day and she wanted to brighten mine.

So, there was one Joyful Moment in knowing that she was being so thoughtful to think of that. And another came when she presented me with two beautifully colored pictures. Even packaged in a gift bag.

There's a reason we call her Sweet P.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments brought to you by someone sweet and thoughtful!


Melanie said...

Hey Cheryl,

That's awesome what Kayli did for you...have you ever read "The 5 love languages of children?" It's a fantastic book and has really helped me a whole lot to fill my kids up with the kind of love they recieve most. It sounds like Kayli recieves love and gives love a lot through giving to others. It might be worth looking into.

I love you. I had one of "those" days yesterday...and I don't even have the excuse of, don't worry.

Love you.

Amy said...

Hey-I read that book that Melanie suggested, and I learned a lot about my kids. It was awhile ago though, maybe I should read it again.
Hope you're having a better day today. If you have time and are feeling up to it, can I see a picture of the moby wrap you made? I am so impressed. I know how you feel about sewing. Congrats.

Linda said...

My joy was helping a friend and the inspiration to do so that came from the Holy Ghost.