Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 42: Take That, Cravings!

I had another excellent Joyful Moment last night after posting.

HH and I are doing a lip sync for a Variety show being held at our church Friday night. It was so much fun dancing around with him!

Anyway, I don't know if it had anything to do with yesterday's cookies, but today I overcame my cravings. Sort of.

Right after I put the kids down for a nap is my worst time. That's when I need--N.E.E.D.--chocolate and other unhealthy food. And the kids aren't around to inhibit me by helping me realize that if I don't want to feed it to them, I shouldn't feed it to myself.

But today, I was able to do two positive things. First, I waited. We had just finished lunch, after all. So, my preggers body could wait at least a little while before requiring calories. Then when snacking time came, I grabbed an orange. I ate it. And, the best part, I was satisfied.

Usually, (while I'm pregnant) when I try to substitute something else for whatever I'm craving, I end up just giving into the craving after I eat whatever I substituted. So, I'm actually worse off. But today, for whatever reason, it worked and I didn't eat any chocolate!

Besides the cookie that I had after lunch. But that was before my witching hour, so it doesn't count.

And when I realized all of this, it was a Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of oranges (or your own healthy substitute that still leaves you feeling completely content and satisfied)!


Amy said...

Grapefruit has been helping me with my cravings this week...I can't get enough. My joyful moment came yesterday with parent teacher conferences. I met with Emalyn's teacher and she could not say enough good about Emalyn. Emalyn had gotten 100% or above on everything with the last district-wide testing. She and I have worked hard at home to help her with her reading, and she's done great!

Linda said...

My joyful moment was spending a couple of bonus hours with my husband in the middle of the day, even though the reason we were together was to go get vaccines. :)