Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 51: More Craving Satisfaction

I've been craving food from a fast food restaurant basically my whole pregnancy. I try to not give into those cravings because it's not very healthy.

But we are almost at the end of the pregnancy (!) and something came up that prevented me from having time to make dinner. And a new location of the place of my craving just opened up nearby and they were offering 50% off of everything on the menu tonight.


So, we headed over and ate to our hearts content.

And actually, the true source of my Joyful Moment came from just having some time to sit and relax and be together as a whole family. I didn't have to stress over making the food or cleaning it up (although, HH does the majority of this part). And everyone was happy with what they were eating and just happy in general. And it came at the end of a very busy, VERY chaotic day.

It was so exactly what I needed.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of exactly what you need!


Melanie said...

So, I had an amazing day. It was a day of major acomplishments. My Laundry is house is car is garage is feels so good, and on top of all that...I was finally able to update our 72 hour amazing greatful and full of joy. I know Heavenly Father blessed me with enough to get this stuff done.

Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

I loved the 2 previous comments - Mel's because I remember how rarely days like this come. And Anonymous's because it is fascinating! My joy came from flying to Saudi Arabia with my husband to visit our son and his family for 2 weeks!