Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 45: I Almost Forgot!

I went to a baby shower tonight and then forgot to post! Then HH and I watched a movie and somehow just after it ended, I remembered.


Anyway, today we tackled the kids' toy room. It's become incredibly overrun with toys. It takes an hour to clean them up and the dog is constantly sneaking down and turning them into chew toys.

So, HH and I had enough. We all joined in this morning and spent a couple hours going through them. We threw away and recycled several items. We put a bunch more in a box to donate. I was touched by the toys Sweet P was willing to donate when I told her it was for kids who don't have toys. And I boxed up a ton that they just don't play with any more.

And then I watched them pull out toys that have been sitting in their toy bins all along, but the bins were too crowded for them to find all their toys! And it was like Christmas all over again. Little M was so excited about all his trains--like he'd never seen them before.

And all the effort and frustration that had gone into cleaning up the toy room was instantly worth it as I saw the joy on their faces at having access to all these forgotten, but beloved, toys. So, I think it's safe to say, we all shared in a Joyful Moment today.

Here's wishing you all a Joyful Moment shared with someone(s) you love!

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Linda said...

I found joy at the roadshows our stake youth performed tonight. And since I was one of the judges it was even more joyful because I got to tell them what a great job they did.