Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 38: AAA

As in, Another 'Another Accomplishment'.

I know, I am SO productive these days.

I wish.

But HH helped me get some long overdue projects done this afternoon, in spite of having a very busy morning.

I made special picture frames for my children for Christmas. Each one has a picture of them, a picture of the Savior, and a picture of the temple where HH and I were married for all eternity. Then it has their name and "I am a child of God" on it. I'm using HH's laptop, but if I remember, I'll post pictures of them tomorrow from my computer. They turned out really cute and I am quite proud of them.

The kids opened them for Christmas and then we placed them under our bed to keep them safe until we finished the kids' headboards so we could figure out where their beds would be in their rooms so we could decide where to hang the pictures. Well, that was Christmas. The headboards did take a while to finish, but they've been done for a while now. And yet, the pictures still sat under our bed, just waiting for the dog to discover them and chew their nice frames to bits.

So, today I got out all the stuff and we hung them on their walls.

And it felt great! Truly a Joyful Moment. And they were pretty excited about it, too. Slowly, slowly our house is becoming a home and little things like this help a lot. For me, at least. Plus, the pictures are finally serving their purpose. And I don't have to worry about strangling the dog in the event of her ruining them.

Such peace.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments bringing peace of mind.


Melanie said...

We went on a fun family bike ride in the warm spring sun. Pure Joy.

Linda said...

We found joy helping a friend who's moving and singing with the choir at a funeral. And after all that we walked across the Hudson River on a pedestrian bridge. It was sunny and gorgeous and we loved every step of it!