Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 47: Mr. MD

Actually, it was a Ms., or a Mrs. But I don't know a song about a female doctor.

Today was the first time meeting the kids' new pediatrician.

Back in New England we had the World's Greatest Pediatrician. That's not an opinion, it's a title. He answers his own phone. Usually within the first ring or two. That alone would make him wonderful. But he had so many other fabulous qualities to go with it. I actually asked him to move with us. Shockingly, he turned me down.

So, I've sort of been dreading this day. Aren't we fortunate that my kids didn't have to see a doctor for a whole year? That's pretty crazy really. I almost feel like an irresponsible parent because of it.

But the time came for a necessary visit.

And while the new pediatrician doesn't answer her own phone, she was very personable. And she treated me like an equal--not an idiot, as some doctors do. Today was not a run of the mill appointment, it was actually something I was a little worried about. She made me feel like my concerns and opinions were valid. And she let me know that she is on my side and will take the necessary steps to make sure we get what we need. I can't tell you what a relief that was for me.

So, while taking one of my children to the doctor isn't exactly a Joyful Moment, finding out that we picked a good doctor (and don't have to switch around at all) kind of was.

And walking out of the office after it was all said and done was certainly a Joyful Moment for all of us.

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Linda said...

I received a joyful visit from my visiting teacher. And she surprised me by bringing a delicious authentic Italian meal (including canolli) to save me some time this busy week. Enough for at least 2 meals!!!