Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 53: Reading Rainbow

Sweet P reading with her grandma at 2 weeks old

HH and Sweet P have been doing "reading lessons" for several months now. They used to do one every night, but then life got crazy and now it's pretty patchy. However, these lessons have been extremely successful.

Tonight she read a relatively long paragraph story and was so proud of herself she came in to my room (where I was working on letter recognition with Little M) to read it to me. She did great! And she was so proud of herself. I loved it. And my Joyful Moment was found in watching her have a Joyful Moment showing me her progress.

At times reading lessons were a big stressful battle for the two of them, but I'm proud of them for pushing through it. She has always always always loved books and I'm so excited for her as she is starting to reach the point where she can read a bit on her own. It is so amazing watching her grow and develop!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments derived from someone else's accomplishment!


Nikki said...

That's cool! Such a worthwhile activity, for sure.

Melanie said...

Joy is fasting. Peace and Joy.

Linda said...

Lots of joys today - Elena coming into our room singing "Wakey, wakey!" Touring KAUST with David & his family. And going to a Saudi Arabian Mother's Day program with Belky and her mom and Elena & Victoria.