Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 43: Rest

Do you ever have one of those days that seems to be pre-designated by your subconscious as a day of worry? HH seems to think I'm the only person in the world with this issue, but I comfort myself by believing that it's a "girl thing".

Anyway, today was one of those days. I tend to have them more when I'm pregnant (yay, Hormones again!), but today's concerns feel pretty legit. As in, I would be concerned with or without the added hormones.

So, while today still had several little Joyful Moments, right now is the one I wish to share. It just feels good to sit down and know that pretty soon I'll be sharing my concerns with a loving Heavenly Father through prayer and then I will go to sleep and get a rest from the constantly-spinning wheels of concern in my mind.

This isn't the same kind of Joyful Moment as seeing the look on Little M's face when he found out we were having cereal for dinner (a crumb topping for our tuna casserole made from crushed corn flakes--he LOVES cereal). But I am grateful for this Moment all the same. I need it.

Wishing you all peaceful and restful Joyful Moments.

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Linda said...

My joyful experience was finally having success in completing the last requirement for our visas. And that was only accomplished because of our sweet son who figured out how to get around all the problems with a website. Thanks!