Wednesday, December 22, 2010

326: Play It By Ear

That's what Sweet P did at her violin lesson tonight.  Her instructor teaches the Suzuki method, which is controversial among the music group, I know.  But for a 5-year old learning to play the violin, I think it's excellent.

The gist is that she listens to all of the songs in Book 1 every single night.  Twice.  Or, at least until she falls asleep.  So, she is quite familiar with all of the songs.  Then, as she is learning a new one, she knows how it is supposed to sound.

Tonight she began learning a new song at her lesson.  Her instructor would play a couple measures and then have her repeat.  Twice Sweet P went on to play the next two, or three notes following what the teacher had played.  It was awesome.  It's hard to say who was beaming the brightest:  Sweet P, her instructor, or myself.  We were all super proud.

On the way home Sweet P said, "I think maybe God sent down the message to tell me which notes to play."  That's part of why I call her Sweet P.  I started to try to explain about her hard work and listening and training her ear/brain, and the like but then decided to just leave it be.  Whatever the case may be, He certainly blessed her with a musical gift and I am so grateful to be a lucky beneficiary.

And that, my friends, was tonight's Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that sound so sweet!

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Linda said...

Kayli's words made me tear up. What a great team she's part of! Reading this is probably my greatest joy this day, but also have to mention that I had 4 of my 8 siblings for dinner and visiting.