Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 314: Santa, Baby!

Tonight was the Christmas party at church.  I was sad because I forgot my camera.  And then Santa showed up and I was a little bit devastated.  Fortunately, my friend was there taking pictures for everyone.  It was fun to see Sweet P and Little M sit on his lap (and later to hear that they asked him for all the things they are getting--hooray!)

But after all the older kids had their turns, I sat Baby B on his lap.  He's not yet old enough to be terrified of Santa, as so many babies are.  I don't think he even realized who was holding him.  He just saw the camera and put on a happy face.  Kind of like this one:

Just try to look at that without smiling.

Aack!  This Baby is going to give me so many Joyful Moments, I can't handle it!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are at least half as adorable as my Baby B!

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Linda said...

That should be my goal from now on - He is ADORABLE!

3 joys today, all from this evening. First, we found some artificial plants for the huge ledge in our family room. Found them for a fraction of the price we'd almost paid. Found them on a whim as we drove past a discount store. Second, while trying to get a closer look at a tree, I must have bumped a $100 glass vase arrangement and before I even knew it was headed to the floor, my HH saved it with his amazingly quick reflexes. I still can't imagine how. Third, when we were trying to figure out how to transport the 3 large plants home in our camry, a kind man and his wife walked over in the parking lot and volunteered to help us out because they had a pickup. And they did. What a joyful evening. :)