Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 315: The Day That Equaled 15 Days

That was today.

Today I made more cinnamon rolls, cleaned my house, and hosted a little brunch at my house while HH carted the kids around to a friend's baptism, a birthday  party, and then a photo shoot for Little M with his dance group.  Then they came home and I fed the kids and helped HH put together Z's new kennel.  Today was snowy with a below 0 windchill factor.

Then we hurried off for Little M's dance recital.  He was one of about 6 boys amongst about 100 girls.  Yes, I'm a little embarrassed that he took a dance class.  But it's a long story.  Watching him dance, though, was a total Joyful Moment.  He enjoyed himself, did a fairly good job, and was beyond precious.

Then we hurried home and I put the kids down for a nap, cleaned the kitchen from the morning's madness, and prepped dinner.  Then I woke Sweet P up from her nap and made her practice her recital piece.

Then we hurried to Sweet P's violin recital, only to find that the previous recital group was running 40 minutes behind.  Awesome.  So, we actually waited for a while for the first time today.  Finally, it was her turn.  Another Joyful Moment as she played her piece very well and I reflected on how far she's come in the last year.

Then we hurried off to drop off the dinner I'd made for some friends who recently had a new baby.  Then home to make our own dinner (a recipe I made up, based on what we had on hand, that everyone really loved--Joyful Moment!), bathe the kids, eat, and put the kids in bed.

The End.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments during this busy busy busy season!

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Linda said...

After reading the first 2 paragraphs, I expected to read "then we went to bed" and was shocked to read that was all done in the morning. WOW - I hope that Sunday is a real day of rest for you; you could use it. Can't wait to see photos/video of the recitals. Little M's dance experience reminded me of your brother's about 25+ years ago.

My joy came from catching up on some tasks that have been hanging over my head. And listening to Christmas carols.